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Love Is Still The Answer

Once upon a time, as a little girl, I fell in love with music. Specifically, the lyrics. I wanted to know every word to every song I loved. So much so that I used to record the songs played on the radio with a good old fashioned cassette recorder, notepad and pen at the ready, and then play-pause-write-rewind-write-play-rewind-pause-write-play-pause-write until I had the entire song documented. I would then study the words, looking for deeper meaning, all the while memorizing them so I could sing along better than anyone else I knew.

When I could convince my parents to buy me tapes or CD’s, I’d immediately look for the lyrics printed on the jackets. What can I say? My wonder years were the 80’s! Tapes and CD’s were cool back then..and there wasn’t an internet to look up lyrics! It was a grand disappointment when they weren’t there. But when they were, I felt like I’d found the holy grail.

As I grew up, I became less obsessed with lyrics in these ways, but my love of them remained true. I’ve always listened intently and contemplated the meaning in songs. And about 10 years ago, when I started a little blog, I created a category called lyrically inspired. It was my place to showcase a song and talk about the inspirational meaning I heard in the words. Hence the phrase “lyrically INSPIRED.”

So, why am I telling you all this now? Because I’m bringing it back! It’s been on my mind for some time to do this and I haven’t. But given the state of affairs in the world, I figured we could all use a bit more inspiration and deeper meaning than what’s on the surface (with ALL things).

And now….re-presenting LYRICALLY INSPIRED!

Today, I’m inspired by Jason Mraz (as if often the case). Love is Still the Answer. But before lyrics, I want to say this about the video:

As I watched, I found tears streaming down my face. Tears for what the collective population is going through. Seeing all the people hugging, dancing, laughing, kissing was a stark reminder of exactly what we have lost, virtually overnight – the human connection that isn’t currently feasible.

I know it’s not permanent. It’s temporary. And yet, I’m keenly aware of just how much we’ve taken that connection for granted the world over. And how profoundly important it is for us all.

Not only that, I’ve seen more discord between people on Facebook over politics – I never thought it would be possible for that chasm to widen. But it is getting

Despite all of this, I truly believe that love is still the answer. Which leads me to the words…

The question is why, why are we here?

To say our hellos and goodbyes, then disappear

This beautiful life, what is it for?

To learn how to master peace? Or master war?

There’s only one answer that matters

Even if your heart has been shattered

Whatever you want, whatever you are after

Love is still the answer

Watch the video to see what love is. 😉 How can we each be more loving to one another? I’m going to comment love notes on some of the discordant posts I’m seeing. What loving action will you take today to express some sorely needed love?


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