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With over 35 years of personal growth and development experience and nearly a decade as a coach, I've learned many transformational skills and tools (in addition to my certifications) that can be implemented to create the changes you want in your life.

When working together, I don't use just one discipline or approach - I integrate ALL of what I've learned to create a unique coaching experience for you based on where you are on your journey and where you're headed. Hence why I call it integrative coaching. 

What is integrative coaching?

Coaching Experiences

I offer both single and multiple session coaching experiences. Choose your path below! 

- Nigel, Ireland

2020 was an amazing year for me, July in particular, when I had life changing “aha” moments, light bulbs going off in all directions, both during and after I had sessions with Christin.

With her guidance and intuition, I was able to see how limiting some long held beliefs were that were damaging me both emotionally and physically.

Accepting and loving yourself gets tossed about so much these days, but as a direct result of working with Christin, I have been able to remove many self imposed labels I stuck on myself from an early age. I now accept myself more and am moving on with my life in ways I never thought possible.

"I am Moving on with my life in ways I never thought possible"

~ Sharon, Alabama

Christin is a seasoned professional who instantly puts you at ease. I am so grateful for her skill in moving me through one of my most difficult challenges.

When you have dealt with traumatic experiences it is hard to learn to trust not only yourself but anyone else again. Sigmund Freud said about trauma, “I think this man is suffering from memories.”

Christin inspires both the trust and the courage it takes to allow yourself to remember. I can truly say that working with Christin set me on a life changing course.  

"working with christin set me on a life changing course"

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