I'm so excited you're checking me out (not like that, of course 😉). On this page, you'll get the 411 on working with me. You can even schedule your free 45 minute discovery call! And if you still have questions, send me a message by visiting my Contact page! I'm happy to help.

Working with me

Work With Me

"O, what a tangled web we weave..." ~Walter Scott

I can't do the work for you - it's up to you! But we'll work together as a team to unravel your own tangled web.

You will get out of our work together what you put into it. But I am here as your guide, coach, and mentor every step of the way.


I have my own little saying, "story is life." We all live according to the stories we tell ourselves and the world. And those stories determine our experience of life. But they're not who we are no matter how much we convince ourselves otherwise.

I'll listen beyond your story, and hold space for your greatest potential as the reality of you now, whether you see yourself that way yet or not. 

You're not your story

I don't put on airs. I say it like it is. Some people have called me blunt. But as Brene Brown says, "Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind." And I believe that.

I promise to treat you with compassion and kindness, while also helping you move through what’s been holding you back (spoiler alert: your story!) with honesty and love. My goal is for you to feel safe and accepted as you traverse the inner workings of your mind.

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

I'm real - wYSIWYG

before we work together

Things to Know

• Sometimes your challenges are more complex and need time to work through. For those instances, we can work together over a longer period of time. 

• I'll accompany you further along your journey, providing support and guidance throughout.

• I'll pull out all the stops to use whatever resources are needed to get you to your goal.

The Call to Adventure

Let the Journey Begin

• A single session to set you on your path...
If you want to get a snapshot of what working with me is all about, this is a great place to start! 

• Together we'll begin the work of clearing out the underbrush so you can see your path more clearly.

• I'll give you tools and resources you can begin using immediately that will help you as you move forward, empowered and inspired.


Have you ever noticed that all transformation begins with a catalyst? It can show up as a moment of reckoning. Or maybe a slow burn you don't notice until you suddenly realize you can't take any more. In any case, you're faced with a choice:

Keep doing what you've been doing, hoping it will magically get better.
Rise to the challenge and heed the call.  

Perhaps this is the choice you're facing right now in your life.

You may feel lost and disconnected from yourself, wondering how you got where you are today. You know something needs to change, you may (or may not) even know what needs to change. But you have no clue how to change it. Which is where I come in. 

As your coach and mentor, I'm here to help you first gain clarity on what's been getting in your way and then gently guide you through the process of reconnecting to your Truth. 

I'll be with you every step of the way as you navigate the changes you wish to make in your life. We'll work through your story together. I offer a couple of options to do so...

Once you're booked, we'll meet via Zoom to chat about what's going on in your life that you'd like to change.

I'll do a demo with you so you know what it's like working with me. And I'll teach you some tools you can put to use right away to get some quick wins under your belt!

Step 3:
Decide If We're a Good fit

I want both of us to feel amazing about working together! 

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the process or what to expect. And we'll discuss options for moving forward if that's what we decide to do.

Step 2:
Meet Via Zoom

Curious about happiness coaching? Let's talk!

You. Me. 45 minutes. And a friendly chat to discover how you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

Best part? This one's on me (it's free)!

Schedule Discovery Call

Here's The Plan

I can't wait to chat with you.
Let's get started today!

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