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I'm really happy you've found your way here!

As a 10 year veteran of FasterEFT/eutaptics who's gone through all iterations of the training curriculum, I know how confounding it can feel as you're learning the system.

In the midst of my training, I was blessed with an amazing mentor who gave me the clarity I was seeking. It was a game-changer in my understanding and application of the FasterEFT principles...and I want to pass along this wisdom to you.


Whether in sessions, evaluations, or mentoring, I'm committed to your success as a practitioner. I take the time to be sure you thoroughly understand what you're learning from a place of kindness and compassion. I continually seek ways to both guide you to your own understanding of the principles and also find practical ways to explain concepts when that's need. No teacher's fingers from this girl!

- Niedra, California

I have worked with Christin, an upper level practitioner, as part of my training requirements. Her style and approach were exactly what I needed.

She set up a safe space and wise questions that allowed me to fully explore and address vulnerable and fragile parts of myself, always pulling me through to a point of big insights and realizations. She has become my go-to expert when I am in a funk about life and need someone to pull me out and get me connected and empowered to deal with life constructively.

Her style is unique perceptive and creative. She has a sensitivity to connect and listen to the the person in front of her and guide them to resolution and relief about whatever they are dealing with.

Thank you Christin.

"I appreciate the sincerity in Christin's approach of helping others grow."

Happy Students

Christin is a caring, intelligent and seasoned mentor and practitioner. I have had the great opportunity to be her client on several occasions, and she doesn't cease to amaze me at how insightful she is and how good she is at what she does.

She is a good listener and she spends time and effort to respond to questions and concerns. I feel safe and full of trust during her sessions.

I also learn a lot from Christin every time we meet. She has an honest and realistic approach to matters and that helps keep things in perspective. She is very compassionate. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and she makes sure to pass that down to whomever is willing to receive from her. I really appreciate the sincerity in her approach of helping others grow in the direction they choose to. 

"Christin's style is unique, perceptive, and creative."

- Omar, Canada

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