Seeing Clearly with Blinders On

  1. Lauri Novak says:

    Oh I know it well – so thanks for passing on one of your distractions to me. HAHA. The business coach I’m in a course with uses the terms keeping your eyes on your own paper as well. Same concept. Still one of those things I struggle with. Focus. I’ve gotten much better but have a long way to go yet.

    I love seeing this from you and can’t wait to watch you excel!

    • HAHA! I love passing my distractions on to you. Consider it me ringing your bell! LOL. In all seriousness, I think it’s a lifelong practice, staying focused, especially as the tech advances and we’re bombarded with more and more distractions. It’s definitely a skill to continually cultivate. That’s for damn sure! Thank you for being my very first commenter on my website, Lauri! Sending you lots of….FOCUS! <3

  2. Hi Christin, I love your article! I love your writing style anyway but the point you’re making here really rings a bell for me, too! Especially during the first six months of the year when very often I had to un-focus from building up a business and re-focus on completing my Eutaptics level 4 requirements. So thanks for this nugget of wisdom and strategy! Much love, Yvonne

    • Hello Yvonne! Thank you so much for reading the post and the kind words. I’m really happy it rang a bell for you. It was such an AHA! moment when I read the email and I just knew I had to start slashing and burning the distractions from my life. Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for the faint of heart, is it? Thank you for the support, my friend. Sending you much love! xo

  3. Like these race horses, we may benefit from seeing less of the distractions around us and feeling more of the innate confidence that we were born to cultivate. Sometimes we need to accept that we don’t need to see the big picture. We don’t need to see who will cross over first. We just need to run the race the best we can, with heads held high and with hope in our hearts. Sometimes moving forward wearing blinders is the best way to make our way to the light — to the pinnacle of our desire. Blinders limit our view while allowing us to keep our eyes on the prize and most importantly, our faith in ourselves.

    • Christin McLeod says:

      Nicely said. I really appreciate what you said about keeping our faith in ourselves.That brings up a very great point – that so often when we’re getting distracted by others, we’re also comparing our “race” to theirs. And I personally find that to be disempowering. And when I’m feeling disempowered, I’m doubting myself. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. 🙂

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