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The Foolish Man…A Cautionary Tale

Once upon a time, there was a man. He created something beautiful. People traveled from the far reaches of the earth to learn what he had to share. His students took this knowledge and went on to create their very own beautiful somethings that others then sought to learn. And, as such, there was more beauty being shared in the world!

When this man caught wind of his students’ success, he became enraged. He accused them of stealing his teachings and calling them their own. He spoke loud and proud against the very thing he aimed to achieve in the first place – for his students to share what they’d learned with the world, to go forth and make a difference of their own.

Silly students…if only they’d known there was a catch: that this be done in his name. And his name alone.

His greed and need for fame and adoration clouded his perspective. He was blind to the beauty he played a part in spreading throughout the world. And in that blindness, his very own message was lost on him. And in being lost on him, it became lost on others. Only to fade away, into obscurity…

Foolish man. If only he’d celebrated with them, he’d have made that name for himself that he always dreamed…

An Ode to The Foolish Man

When you discover a new path to heal your pain,
show those you love.

When you develop a system to change your life,
share it with the people of the world.

When you share it with the people of the world,
know you’re teaching them to spread their wings and fly.

As they fly high, marvel at their grace and beauty.

Smile as you watch them make moves you’ve never dreamt possible.

Feel proud in knowing ‘twas from your nest they flew!

Lift them higher, raise them up.

For this is what you most wanted in the world
– to inspire and make a difference.

You didn’t come here to clip their wings, to cage them, to keep them down.

For you know that pain…

So, set them free.

Watch them soar.

Celebrate as they create from what they’ve learned.

And know that in this way, you’ve left your mark on this world.

Let THIS be your legacy.

Because it’s not about you. It never was. Nor will it ever be…

~Christin McLeod

  1. Nicola says:

    Hi Christin,

    This is a great reminder. I’m reading a lot from Stoicism of late and for some reason, even though it seems very different, what I read yesterday is coming to mind,

    “Never say about anything, I have lost it, but say I have restored it. Is your child dead? It has been restored. Is your wife dead? She has been restored. Has your estate been taken from you? Has not then this also been restored? But he who has taken it from me is a bad man. But what is it to you, by whose hands the giver demanded it back? So long as he may allow you, take care of it as a thing which belongs to another, as travelers do with their inn.”

    Epictetus. Enchiridion (Dover Thrift Editions) (pp. 6-7). Dover Publications. Kindle Edition.

    Are we the creators or does something larger create through us? And as a result is anything really ours at all?

    Great blog, makes you think, muse, ponder, and consider. Always a good thing.

    • Christin McLeod says:

      That’s such a beautiful passage, Nicola. Thank you for sharing it. And such a great a question – one I’ve been pondering myself much lately – about many things in life. <3

    Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to create a top notch article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole
    lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

    • Christin McLeod says:

      Thank you! And procrastination…I know it well also. We’re so busy in our heads that it FEELS like we’re busy. But in reality, not much gets done, as you said. I find when I slow my mind down, the procrastination settles as well. Going slower ironically helps me get more done. 😊

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